Norton Setup -Install Norton with Product Key -Download Norton

Norton Setup – Nowadays, in the market, users use a lot of antivirus products to protect their device. If a user buys McAfee, then someone takes Webroot, talk about the most used product, then Norton antivirus is placed in the highest category. It has been used because it is easy to get the convenience of the user and the options that he needs, it is very easy to use in the Norton as well as in the financial and industrial industry.

Norton software works on very fast and good technology, besides it provides lightweight tools like Norton 360, Norton Deluxe, Norton Plus, Norton Identity Theft, Norton Utility 16 etc.

Users who are new and are using the system for the first time or who have not yet purchased the Norton product, can buy it from the online website

After this, the process of putting the product in your system, which you can follow:-

Simple way to Creating Norton account

  • Twice click on your web browser (Microsoft Edge, IE, Safari)
  • Visit official URL:
  • Click “Enter a product key” on the Welcome to My Norton page
  • Then, Create an account using the process below
    • Move mouse cursor to “Create an Account”
    • Email address *
    • Confirm email address *
    • Secure Password *
    • Type First Name and Last Name
    • Select Countries
  • Finally, Press on “Create Account” button

Where do i need to enter norton product key?

If you do not know how to insert a 25 digit alphanumeric product key or where it is to be confused, then follow the points below.

  1. After creating a Norton account, you will see a screen to insert the product key.
  2. Now, Enter 25 digit alphanumeric product key.
  3. Users can get the product key at the registered email address or by scratching the back side of the retail box.
  4. In this last step, Click on “>”
  5. Finally, you have done and complete this step.

Method to download Norton setup

Norton setup can be easily downloaded which you can download using the method given image below:-

download Norton setup
  • First of all, Open the browser you use more.
  • Now, use Norton’s official link “”
  • The method of creating a Norton account must have been known by the method given above, so now you have to sign in.
  • In this, you can log in with the help of email details and password.
  • After this the download window will appear on your screen.
  • If you want to download to another device then click on install on another device.
  • To download, click on the “I Agree” button and proceed to the next step by clicking on the Continue button.
  • Now the download link will be sent to your registered email from where you can click and download this link.
  • And if you want to download on another device, then press the “send a link” option
  • After this you have to open the email and click the link and download it.
  • Next, Click the Continue button and submit the file.
  • In last, The downloading process icon will start appearing on your system and this process is complete.

Apart from using Norton, you should also know about its privacy policy and license agreement, which you can know by going to “” link.

Method to install Norton product on your system

New and old users can install Norton product with the help of link and its steps are given below:-

  • After downloading, a folder will appear on your system in which the .exe file has to be double clicked to open.
  • Then click on the run and setup icon.
  • Apart from this, you can right-click on this file and also run it from “Extract Hear”.
  • Snap-on continue button and need to option give access to user account control.
  • Now, Read and accept term and policies.
  • Next screen, do complete billing & payment details (If you want do)
  • Follow its guidelines by instructions on your system.
  • In the next step your software is being installed so do not back and refresh.
  • Last step, double click on the continue button and you have successfully completed.

Method to activate Norton antivirus on your device

Just as it is easy to download and install Norton, it is also easy to activate it, after which you can choose the product according to your choice by taking subscription service.

Enter norton product key
  • First of all, Find Norton Antivirus icon on your device.
  • Double tap for open this icon.
  • Go to on the account info section.
  • Now, you need to put Norton activation code.
  • Put the product key of 25 digit, and press Continue.
  • Doing wait until the activation is complete.
  • Finally, after this process is complete, reboot your system.