get started is an antivirus that helps in avoiding online threats such as harmful malware, unsafe downloads, unsafe sites. In today’s world, millions of users surf the internet every day, and there are many advantages and disadvantages of it, as well to avoid these disadvantages should be secured by the software.

Norton Antivirus is considered as the best option when it comes to antivirus programs to avoid internet attacks. Norton antivirus is used to avoid cyber attacks on devices.

User can download, Install and activate Norton Antivirus by visiting URL:

Easy step to find Norton Product key /

Norton product key is a collection of alpha-numeric character. User can find it in two ways..If user purchase the product online, then they will receive the product code onto their email address with activation link and payment receipt. In case of purchase of offline or retail store, then they will get Norton Retail card, user can find the key in the backside of the card.

Easy way to Activate Antivirus?

  1. Open web-browser
  2. visit url:
  3. Click on Enter Product Key
  4. Sign-in with Norton Account
  5. Enter a Product Key & Click on right arrow “>>”.
  6. Then after the key will be activate with your Account.

Easy way Download Norton Antivirus

  • Open web-browser
  • visit url:
  • Sign-in with Norton account.
  • You will be redirected to My product page
  • Go to the download link, press agree and click download.
  • After that a setup file will be download ( .exe for windows / .dmg for mac )

Easy way Install Norton Antivirus

  1. Run setup file ( .exe/.dmg )
  2. Allow user agreement by click on YES
  3. Tap on Install Now to start the process
  4. It might take 5 minutes to complete the process.
  5. After that it will take update for new virus definition
  6. Will scan your computer completely.